Commissioned Painting: Watercolor Lilies

One of my clients commissioned me for a painting of a bouquet of lilies to be given to her mom for Christmas. As I was doing the work, I decided to take some progress shots so I can share them with you. This project is pretty special, because lilies are one of my favorite flowers as well, and knowing that my painting would be flown all the way to Dubai to make someone happy makes me feel like I’m painting for a very  important purpose.

I started with the underpainting using Holbein permanent yellow and olive green, leaving out the white space for the flowers.

I layered with more shadows using Shin Han Pthalo blue and Holbein Sap Green to give the bottom part of the drawing some depth.  The white flowers, slowly taking shape as I added more shadows.

Initially, the flowers were meant to be white, but I decided to make the rest of the flowers pink and leave the middle flower white.Using Opera red with permanent yellow light, I painted the pink flowers and added further details using Crimson Lake mixed with Burnt Sienna.

I did this painting on Fabriano Artistico 300 gsm cold pressed paper using my awesome Japanese Namura brush for the washes and my Escoda Reserva brush size 2. For final touches, I added the name of her mom’s name in white acrylic ink in freehand brush calligraphy.

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