Flower Trippin’ in Nihon Town and Then Some

So this is a little bit overdue, but I heard just recently that Jim will be going back to Japan this October for work and it kind of gave me another idea to jump into the opportunity to *maybe* plan a trip to Japan while he’s there. Since I started this blog, most of my blog entries were about my Yokohama and Tokyo adventures and inspirations and some throwback narratives of my trips in Europe. So now realizing that I haven’t written anything in a while, I thought I’d share a few photos from my not so recent trip to Nihon town last April.

It’s my second time in Japan during spring time, my first time was during golden week last year which was in early May. We missed the hanami season by a hair and while it bummed me out, I wasn’t all too disappointed coz there was SO MUCH TO SEE in SPRINGTIME!

Fast forward to April 2017, I was there for spring once again and was right on time for the cherry blossoms. Here are some photos from that trip featuring the hanami postcards I brought with me so I can send snail mail to friends and family back home and in other parts of the world.

On my first day, we saw this band at the Yokohama Jugband Festival. It was a perfect welcome to my Japan trip despite the dreary weather.
We went to Nakameguro the following day to see the cherry blossoms. It was still rainy but we braved the cold and the rain for some pretty flowers.


We took the train to Sumida for more sight seeing. There were less people because of the weather but we saw this group of ladies in their yukata.
I wondered if the turquoise color of that bridge was a deliberate choice coz it goes so well with the pink cherry blossom trees

Tokyo2017 Postcard

We had this crazy idea to go to Chichibu in Saitama that week to see the Shibazakura and this was coldest day I’ve experienced in the spring season. Nalito ako, akala ko ba spring na, ba’t ang lamig?!
We were somewhat successful but the highlight of this little excursion was the warm coffee at Mister Donut afterwards!
Finally, the weather gods blessed us with a sunny day! We visited the Ashikaga Flower Park to see the Wisteria, but we were too early. I delighted at the fact that ranunculi, tulips, anemone other flower species were still abundant in the area, so not all is lost.
Looking at this garden, I remembered my mom who is super crazy about flowers and plants in general. She came with us during our first visit to Japan in 2016 and I remember her gushing for days about how wonderful it is here.

We briefly stopped by the Rail museum after Ashikaga and geeked out on facts and trivia about the Japanese train system. Jim was especially happy about going inside the control rooms of the trains since he’s been saturated with flower gardens in our itinerary since I arrived.

Rail Museum02.jpg

Rail Museum01.jpg
The massive stained glass at the Rail Museum was a sight to behold. This picture is just a small part of the entire piece!

We met up with Allie of Four Eyed Wonder who was based in Japan at the time. She and Lando (of Imagininja) are architects and had been living in Japan for almost 3 years. Allie and I were classmates (and group mates!) at Arriane Serafico’s Purposeful Personal Branding course and have been following each other on social media since then. We decided to meet up that evening and just talked about our creative pursuits, projects and frustrations. They’re now back in Manila since June and they’ve been on a roll with their projects! Check out Allie’s site at www.thefoureyedwonder.com! They just launched their Shop and are selling all sorts of pretty and interesting things from mini art prints to zines to adorable ninja stickers (I’m pretty excited for this one!).


Unlike my trip to Japan last summer, I hardly had any museum time during this trip. We were happy to spend our days outside even if the weather was flashing us its middle finger. The next part of our itinerary was a long train ride to Hitachi Seaside Park to see their famous nemophila.


This hill of nemophila or baby blue eyes are maintained and managed by a group of obaachans who were toiling under the sun! They greeted us cheerfully as we said our konnichiwas and it’s always amazing to see the work behind such beautiful things. This is just a small preview of why Nihonjins are so awesome.

While people go to Hitachi Seaside Park for the nemophila, there are other parts of the park that are worth visiting as well. They have an area of tulips, narcissus and rapeseeds in bloom during springtime, a play area for ninja warrior kids and an awesome view of the seashore too.

Rapeseed flowers on the left, narcissus on the right. And they were all yellow!



Despite it being a short trip, writing about it now feels like we’ve made the most out of our time after all.  Now I’m more decided to go to Japan for autumn! Any thoughts about what places to watch out for?

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