On Hoarding Tools

I was cleaning up and checking my inventory of colors/palettes and tubes and this is what I have so far. The acrylics are not even in this picture. It’s probably not as huge an arsenal of tools as professional artists, but it’s safe to say I have more than enough. It’s so easy to buy materials and think that the high end tools will make us better artists and maybe they do if it means we are more inclined to practice.

My goal for 2017 is not to hoard more of these but to use them all up. I want to make as much art as I can until the last tube and pan is empty. That is a better gauge of whether I practiced and produced enough work instead of just amassing a pile of art materials that I won’t use. I will be proud if, by December next year, I would have shown the same flatlay except tubes are way thinner and the bottom of the pans are seen. Oh for sure I will be tempted to buy, and perhaps I will give in, but ultimately in 2017, I will create more than I consume! ???

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