Sunday for Monday: On Social Media and Digital Noise

We use Social Media in varying degrees. Lately, social media has been a huge lump of mess sourced from political posts, gossip, cryptic hugot lines, random personal ranting and the occasional #blessed-look-at-me-I-have-a-new-expensive-gadget/shoe and it’s so easy to get distracted. The vastness of the internet is intimidating and finding a voice that resonates well with people is a huge challenge. It’s a continuous and ongoing process for us to identify quality resources for learning and at the same time produce content in order to contribute in a positive way to the already vast pool of information.

Social media has been an avenue for me to receive updates from friends and family and mostly for following my favorite artists and creatives. It has also been a great channel for me to share my work with Mash Up Maria. To be honest, could stalk people all day, checking out travel photos, cute baby animals, countless flatlays and artworks to die for. While it’s good to be inspired by all of these, it’s also hard not to be insecure and to compare myself to way more talented artists.

I have been a learning a lot from great mentors these past few months, from attending Real Talk Tambay Creative Entrepreneur Workshops with Ella Lama to taking a course (or three) with Arriane Serafico and signing up for a watercolor workshop with Che Sun-Ong. The internet, to a huge extent, has been instrumental to my growth as an artist and as a creative entrepreneur, because it introduced me to the kind of people that I want to learn from. They have experienced the same struggles as I have and are still works in progress themselves, never waning from wanting to improve and get better at their craft and through Instagram and Facebook, get to learn from them and even engage in conversations with them online.

What are you using Social Media for and how are you sifting through this digital noise?

*All artworks created by Mash Up Maria

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